Rare archival King shot, knocking dem

lil critters daid – oh my, my my . . .

And just a blip in time ago!


For years magazine CARTOONS have been a form or medicine for me. It has long been observed by sages (who are seldom identical to those who are merely deemed “smart” or even scholastically qualified) that personal development is impossible without sustaining a life-long sense of humour. This is probably why every culture on earth retains…

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Nesting goose egg

This nesting goose egg appeared behind some cabbages in a north London food market on Saturday. It’s about 2.5 inches long. “Yummy, mate! Boil it for 8 minutes,” said the Cockney stallholder “Quid ‘n ‘alf!” So I paid and carefully took it home where I amused myself by setting it in a small, old hand-carved…

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Happy Chinese New Year of the (Wooden) Horse!

The Chinese year 4712 begins today on Jan. 31, 2014. Here’s a brief article about the changes predicted upon us according to a much older calendar system than our currently dominate Gregorian one from 1582: I tried to figure out how, when, where, with whom and why those 4712 Chinese years began but couldn’t…

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In California over Christmas I stayed in El Dorado County where the the state’s famous Gold Rush started in 1848. For the first year or so you could walk around and just pick the yallar stuff out from surface quartz with a spoon or pocket knife. The US was just ending a war with Mexico…

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Time Lapsed Bird Paths

In case you didn’t catch these astounding lace-like loops and swirlings of various birds’ flight paths (using time-lapse video), here they are. Part of me wishes, however, that Artist and Professor Hlynsky had collaborated with a Composer, splicing in her music to lift this creation higher towards the stratosphere. (Let me know if you find…

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