Rare archival King shot, knocking dem

lil critters daid – oh my, my my . . .

And just a blip in time ago!

The Goddess of Research

The Goddess of Research often comes up trumps when you least expect her to even show her sweet face. Well, what do you expect from any one of the nine Ms aMuses? Room Service they ain’t. So I’m adding a recent Private Eye toon here, extending our previous Oz batch — albeit less poetically than…

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In the previous Post of 20/6 (which polled your AYE or NAY votes) we achieved a staggering majority of two respondents who agreed that (for them) cartoons entered the brain faster and deeper than what someone else has unkindly termed “flash-in-the-pan-fiction.” Marketing theory (from orgs like Readers Digest and Gallup) indicates these two lone votes…

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Experiment in literary neuro-science

In fairness, anyone who wishes to continue this homespun experiment in literary neuro-science [“Do magazine cartoons burst in in the human brain faster than any brand of Flash Fiction?”] now needs to read a few Flash Fiction prize winners from the 3 links below from Google. Just let me know with at least a quick…

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Are we seeing a trend?

Are we seeing a trend? We’re testing whether magazine cartoons burst in the brain faster than any brand of Flash Fiction. So far 9 posted cartoon “stories” have used a total of 78 words. Here’s the 4th experimental batch – four images this time, on the theme of “signs”. They add another 13 words for…

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The experiment continues

The experiment continues: to test whether magazine cartoons dig deeper and quicker into the brain than any fashionable form of Flash Fiction. Here’s a 3rd batch of three, loosely linked around the theme of “effort”. Although Wikipedia claims flash fiction entails “extreme brevity”, practitioners – depending on their tribal affiliation – deliver oeuvres of anything…

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