Rare archival King shot, knocking dem

lil critters daid – oh my, my my . . .

And just a blip in time ago!

New on MY BOOKS, Goodreads

Just uploaded my first fantasy short story — Samuel F. Maynard and Anthropologic Demonography — published in the 1969 anthology, The Devil His Due (Avon Books). I’ve updated the piece for younger ears and hope you enjoy reading it. Let me know what you think.

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Bookshop Song and Dance

BRAVO! Now here is what you might call “switched-on BOOKSHOP people”, dancing and singing some of their day away: Play Video Reader’s Delight The Bookshop in Wigtown cover’s the Sugarhill Gang’s song, Rapper’s Delight.

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Will I sculpt out the learn-time? Optimism reigns!

Does a free, entire online video course appeal to you? I heard Dr Harari on BBC Radio 4 over three weeks ago and found myself signing up.Where will I find the time to watch this stuff? Probably the same place you will: in those interstices offere… See More A Brief History of Humankind A Brief History…

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What the sadist answered to the masochist

I’ve been outlining a kids’ book recently so regret there’s been less SM dawdling time. Remember what the sadist answered to the masochist who screamed “Beat me!”? (It was a very quiet, almost a inaudible yet extremely clear “No!”) OMG – I meant •S•(ocial) •M•(edia) – sorry, sorry! Anyway here’s my promised opinionated wrap-up per…

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