800px-Ramsay_wood_2Ramsay Wood was born in Texas in 1943 into a diplomat’s family and has lived in Vietnam, the Philippines, Scotland and France. He was a teenage apprentice in Saigon to the photographer Henri Huet. After dropping out from Harvard in 1964 he studied photography with Robert E. Fulton III before becoming a freelance photojournalist in Britain, East Africa, and Pakistan.

In 1971 he founded Frame Up Ltd, a wholesale picture-frame company which he ran from London with twenty cohorts until 1997. He was a founding member of the College of Storytellers in 1981, and chairman of the British charity Afghan Relief (No. 289910) until 2002. From 2006 to 2014 Ramsay taught literacy to dyslexic children at Emerson House in London.

He lives in London with the illustrator Gill Whitworth and their tuxedo cat, Zeeba.


Author photos by John Buckman

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