What the sadist answered to the masochist

I’ve been outlining a kids’ book recently so regret there’s been less SM dawdling time. Remember what the sadist answered to the masochist who screamed “Beat me!”? (It was a very quiet, almost a inaudible yet extremely clear “No!”)

OMG – I meant •S•(ocial) •M•(edia) – sorry, sorry! Anyway here’s my promised opinionated wrap-up per my July 3 post about the evolution of FLASH-FICTION:

1- Flash-Fiction was invented in Creative Writing classes in the hope to improve future “gaming” product distribution for the current generation of would-be-writers. Most of their potential readers already suffer from such eroded attention spans (fast-twitched & digi-dumb?) that recently one of them on another SM site wrote that •To Kill a Mockingbird• was “quite a long book”. Jesus Wept: stay away from Russian novels, kid.

This idea of yoking more “demanding stories” to the “bangbang” genre which already outpaces the entire publishing industry was explored in July in Eurogamer — http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-07-27-where-literature-and-gaming-collide

2- The same crew of hairy-footed creative-industry admin magicians who teach, staff and promote Creative Writing classes also often manage steeple-fingered literary contests. Because of such job cross-overs Flash-Fiction is growing as a cheap substitute for almost any demanding poetic form (which has the potential to exude a millionfold nuance). Or good solar plexus-puncing cartoon (why doesn’t it qualify as a superior, faster and more ancient minimalist Flit Lit genre?).

3- My suggestions are (1) let’s rename Flash-Fiction •Flit Lit• which if nothing else may render it a more memorable brand. (2) Meanwhile if you don’t want to flit away your Mayfly life on such trivia (•Triv Lit• refers to a broader more omnipresent category of profitable publishing) quietly become a poet or cartoonist.

Here’s my photo of my artist pal Dave’s huge wall-size pastel of a one-wing Icarus who survived because he kept his feet on the ground. I’m not saying don’t fly but remember the old saying — “Think first, panic later.”


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