Experiment in literary neuro-science

In fairness, anyone who wishes to continue this homespun experiment in literary neuro-science [“Do magazine cartoons burst in in the human brain faster than any brand of Flash Fiction?”] now needs to read a few Flash Fiction prize winners from the 3 links below from Google.

Just let me know with at least a quick YES or NO: Do any of these word-hordes flash up a quicker OR more nuanced inner “storyworld” for you than the previous nine cartoons?

And no jokes please about the falsity of anecdotal evidence; what else are we trying to observe and measure at this preliminary level?

1- https://www.writersandartists.co.uk/2013/04/flash-fiction-competition-winner


3- http://www.dromineerliteraryfestival.ie/_blog/News_and_Updates/post/read-the-winning-entries-in-the-2013-flash-fiction-competition/#.U6Q4IxYZybI

Ah – and here’s that tractor-tire photo that was supposed to load in the last post as the 13th image in the cartoon series:

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